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November 9, betrays it's clients and can read and decrypt all messages ever received and stored on their 'offshore' servers in Anguilla...ooops! in Canada. I never met a more sinister and evil company than Thousands of people have relied on the promise that their communication would be safe, but they got mislead! This event was the last drop in the bucket which made us present our latest of high security products: The High Secure Email (HSM) account on the server of your choice, even with your own domain (if you prefer so). Two things which clearly set us apart from ANY OTHER email provider


1 You can not threaten, extort or subpoena us, as our whereabouts are not known (that's a crucial point if you want to provide anonymity, both parties must be anonymous!).


2 All your precious email resides on high security offshore servers, but within an encrypted container. That means if ever a complete server gets 'taken confiscated' by the Feds (if they raid the datacenter where the server is located we will not shoot at them :-), all they get is a root server with an encrypted storage inside. Unbreakable, though.


Its a SSL-accessed webmail account, or can be accessed as POP or IMAP. As you like it. When you leave your email on our server, it stays in an encrypted container and can not be read or otherwise copied. We even threw in a storage place for files, apart from emails. The account comes with 125 MB, but can be upgraded if necessary. Support for PGP-encryption built-in, you can check (and secure store) 3rd-party-emails, no active scripting like JAVA or JAVASCRIPT necessary. More details here, including the application instructions.

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